Our secret is that we care

Lead Labs was founded with unusual approach: we focus on your business and not on our growth. We cooperate only with a small number of companies at the same time and give them all the attention they need. If you need advice with marketing, tech or optimization challenges, just drop us a message!

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Meet our team

We are a good team of experienced professionals with complementary skills and passionate about our work.

What do we do?

We offer consulting and services tailored to your exact needs, but we generally divide them into three groups described below. Shall anything be unclear, feel free to ask us about the details.

Marketing strategy & execution

The first step of successful marketing is having a strategy. Any action without the strategy is as good as burning money. Our approach is to get to know you business, its advantages, mission and create strategy that suits your needs. Then you can decide whether you want to execute it yourself or let us do it for you. Either way we will support you in reaching planned goals.

CTO on demand

Cooperation with software-houses tends to be costly and difficult. Especially if you do not have your own IT departament or CTO. Our solution: CTO on demand. Let us help you with preparation of the documentation, choosing the right software-house, negotiating the terms of cooperation and overseeing project development. Our experienced CTO will work as much as you need and will watch over the software-house work as your agent.

Optimization & digitization

If you loose time or resources, you loose money. After two decades of 21st century we have plethora of tools to optimize and automate processes in your business. We will help you choose right tools, integrate them and create new if necessary.  If you are not fully digitized already then this is the high time we begin the process - we will help you figure where to start and how to get most value out of the necessary changes.

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